A universal program

Open-Sankoré is a multiplatform, open-source program that is compatible with every type of interactive hardware. It is also translated into many different languages. Its range of tools is adapted to all users: from beginners to experts.

Much more than just a program...

The program is part of a broader international ecosystem of teachers dedicated to interactive digital teaching.
The Sankoré community lets you quickly access content and rich, varied digital teaching resources.
Full, scalable tutorials let you quickly learn the Open-Sankoré software.

A program that is open-source, scalable, and free

The Open-Sankoré program is a free tool that has an open-source code and file format, and a format; it can be continuously studied, perfected, and adapted to new needs. The possibility of creating apps gives it even more flexibility.

A program dedicated to teaching

In addition to commenting, drawing, and highlighting, the Open-Sankoré program gives you the option of enriching your course content by importing flash animations, images, audio, videos, or by including existing .pdf or .ppt documents.

An ergonomic program

Since its inception, the Open-Sankoré program was designed for and with users. Thanks to a team composed of specialists and developers, this program came into being. With an ergonomic interface, it combines the simplicity of traditional teaching tools with the advantages provided by teaching ICTs.


Choreographing educational content

  • Insert any type of document (text, images, flash animations, videos)
  • Access web resources without leaving the Open-Sankoré by using apps
  • Comment on any content
  • Display the essential part of your teaching message
  • Share documents simply

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Open-Sankoré is adapted to all DITs and interactive tools

Digital interactive tables or interactive beamers

Graphic tablets

PC tablets

Any type of computer

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Planet Sankoré

To find an endless number of open-source and free digital teaching resources

  • Share your resources produced with the Open-Sankoré program
  • Evaluate the free digital teaching resources available online
  • Participate in the “Digital Prizes” competition and get a chance to win many prizes.

A dynamic community for creating and sharing

  • Meet teachers from throughout the world who share the values of sharing and solidarity
  • Create thematic interest groups
  • Write your blog to help share your experience
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