The Open-Sankoré.org portal is a structure that combines ten dynamic people (coordinators, graphic artists, and developers) under the aegis of Webdoc SA in Lausanne and DIENA in France.
This team provides development for the Open-Sankoré program, support, as well as communications.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Thanks to DIENA’s Sankoré program, that the software was able to be made open-source and free in order to thus renew its spirit of openness from its early days of development at the University of Lausanne. Therefore, the program is now part of an ecosystem dedicated to digital education for all. (link to sankore.org the program)
The Open-Sankoré program is in line with the Uniboard program it is derived from: ergonomics and compatibility with any type of interactive hardware. It provides a few new features. the latest version of the program can be downloaded at will and for free.

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1/ Webdoc SA, Rue de Genève 17, 1004 Lausanne, Suisse
2/ Diena 20 avenue de Ségur Paris 75007