An app or widget is simply a web application within Sankoré. This little application performs a specific task, sometimes while being executed in the context of a larger program, like a plug-in in a web browser.
These widgets make it possible to add new features or content within a page of your class on Sankoré (Google Maps, YouTube video, interactive content, etc.). THey also make it possible to meet specific or local user demands (e.g, having a specific measurement tool like a square).

Here is the list of apps currently available in version 1.20 of Sankoré:

  • Anyembed: embed any web content
  • Barre prof: educational comments on the page in question
  • Calculator: adding machine
  • ColorPicker: color dropper
  • GeoInfo: geographic map
  • GoogleMap: Google Maps applet
  • Graphme: graph editor
  • Html: html editor
  • Notes: note editor (post-it)
  • StopWatch: timer
  • VideoPicker: embed any video from YouTube, Video, Viddler
  • WebBrowser: web browers
  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia applet
  • Wiktionary: Wiktionary applet
  • iCell: animation on the cell
  • Masque: hide
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Square

This list is not exhaustive, because it is up to you to add to it by writing or suggesting a widget. Some programming knowledge is sometimes required to create an App (html, xml, javascript, css).

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